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研究紀要「Humans and Nature」No. 20-29

『Humans and Nature』Print ISSN: 0918-1725 Online ISSN: 2185-4513

Humans and Nature No. 29 2018 
Original Articles
Preliminary evaluation of ecological and agricultural characteristics of vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) maintained in terraced arable fields along the Uwa Sea region, southwestern Japan
Yoshinori TOKUOKA, Tsunashi KAMO, Kenichiro KIMURA, Kiyokazu HASHIGOE, Mitsunori OKA


Critical re-examination on distinctive characters between Salix pierotii group and Salix eriocarpa group in Kanto and Kinki
Middle Permian fusulines from the Shirasaki Limestone in Yura Town, western part of the Kii Peninsula, Japan


Significance of the museum research bulletin contributed by citizen researchers Masazumi MITANI
Editorial Note

Humans and Nature No. 28 2017 
Original Articles
Food habits of the raccoon dog at the Tsuda University's Kodaira Campus, western Tokyo

What audio-visual clues do persons with neuropsychological impairments understand in cases with auditory-recognition difficulties? -Experimental investigations by the multimedia DAISY using real human voices-

Masazumi MITANI


Damage on the herbarium collection of the Kumamoto Prefecture Museum Network Center caused by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes
Akiko YASUDA, Tetsuya MAEDA


Vascular Plants of Hyogo prefecture 12 Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO,
Hiroaki ISHDA, Asumo KURODA, Masato OTANIA

Investigation on mass mortality of oak trees damaged by the beetle Platypus quercivorus Murayama on Minami park (Buibui-no-mori), Sanda city, Hyogo Prefecture

Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO, Hiroaki ISHDA, Asumo KURODA, Masato OTANIA

A list of Mesozoic dinosaur fossils from Japan

Katsuhiro KUBOTA
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Humans and Nature No. 27 2016 
Original Articles
Measuring the impact of invasive species on popular culture: A case study based on toy turtles from Japan
Jeffrey E. LOVICH, Katsuya YAMAMOTO
Late Holocene activity of the Hijima fault of the Yamasaki fault zone, western Japan
Shigehiro KATOH, Koichiro TANIGAWA, Masaki KAWASHIMA, Daisuke ISHIMURA, Atsumasa OKADA
Effects of grazing forms on seasonal body weight changes of sheep and goats in north-central Mongolia: a comparison of nomadic and sedentary grazing
Relationship between soil environment and the establishment and growth of Pinus densiflora in an early stage of revegetation after clear-cutting in a Pinus densiflora forest
Seiji KODATE, Toshiaki TAKEDA


Life history of Ricciocarpos natans L. 1. Development of sexual organs and sporophytes in rice field conditions
Masako MAEDA, Hiroyuki AKIYAMA, Minako ASHIYA
Temple Monkeys in Southeast Asia - Long-tailed macaques anecdotally provisioned in Thailand, Indonesia, and the vicinity
Early Kasimovian (Late Carboniferous) fusulines from Kamiazahara, Shingu-cho, Tatsuno, Hyogo -Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic foraminifers of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, Part 13- Fumio KOBAYASHI
Pre-Capitanian (pre-upper Middle Permian) foraminifers contained in the limestone conglomerate of the Permian Maizuru Group in the Miharaiyama area, Oya-cho, Yabu, Hyogo -Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic foraminifers of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, Part 14- Fumio KOBAYASHI
Exhibition of animals as depicted on postage stamps, and a practice of related events Takeo YAMAUCHI, Sae TAKAMI, Amiko HIROTA
A report on the results of felling survey for the Japanese pieris in Rokkosan National Park, Kobe, by citizens Toshiaki OKA, Eiji DOMA
Effects of bamboo chip nulch on soybean (Tamba black soybean) cultivation and weed control Hiroyuki KIKUKAWA
The role of place-specific eco-certification schemes on agro-food featuring flagship species; the case of oriental white stork-friendly farming and salmon-safe Reiko OMOTO


Utilization and management of grasslands on the Tonomine Highlands by Kawakami community of Kamikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, during and after the World War II: Results of interviews to two old inhabitants
Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO, Yoshihiro SAWADA
Traditional plant use in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture: On the knitted and woven items
The distribution of the willows (Salix) in Tama River (Tokyo, Kanagawa) Jyunichi YAMAGUCHI
Interspecific variation in ovule number per ovary in the genus Salix Jyunichi YAMAGUCHI


Humans and Nature No. 26 2015 
Original Articles
Nest site, dispersion of precocial chicks and breeding success of the Grey-headed Lapwing Vanellus cinereus
Effects of habitat fragmentation on a tube-nesting wasp, Anterhynchium fravomarginatum (Hymenoptera: Eumenidae) in newly developed urban area
Yoshiaki HASHIMOTO, Tomoji ENDO

Distribution and borrow density of the ghost crabs (genus Ocypode; Ocypodidae) on sandy beaches along the entire coast of Sea of Japan in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Toshifumi WADA, Takumi UNO, Masami UNO

Do added visual-stimuli aid in understanding persons with cognitive dysfunction who have difficulty hearing?

Masazumi MITANI


Video analysis of the activity budget and activity rhythm of captive Japanese martens (Martes melampus melampus)
Yamato TSUJI, Sayako MIURA, Takuya KOTOGE, Toshiaki SHIRAISHI, Hitoshi MURAI
The identify process of the Salix yoshinoi group of Mizunashi valley (Hyogo Prefecture) and the report of the present condition
Diatom analysis of the Osaka Group at Nigawa, Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan
Toshio TANAKA, Hiroshi SATO, Shigehiro KATOH, Kumiko HANDA
Initial growth characteristics of planted saplings of Prunus pendula f. ascendens in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture
Hiroaki ISHIDA, Asumo KURODA, Hiroshi DAIMON, Tamiji WATANABE, Shintaro TETSU


Records of flower-visiting bombyliid and syrphid flies (Diptera) of Salvia species (Lamiaceae) in Honshu, Japan
Discussion on taxonomical issues on the Sect. Subalbae of the genus Salix
A catalog of extant cleared leaf collection

Kumiko HANDA


Humans and Nature No. 25 2014 
Original Articles
Malesian Chaetomitrium (Symphyodontaceae, Musci): Type illustrations, taxonomical notes, and key to the species Monica SULEIMAN, Hiroyuki AKIYAMA
Which site-broadcasting is better in lifelong learning facilities? Comparison between two systems, one with natural voice and the other with artificially synthesized voice by hearing experience Masazumi MITANI

Effects of nest-trap types on monitoring of tube-nesting wasps and bees

Yoshiaki HASHIMOTO, Tomoji ENDO

Growth and longevity of the Japanese eight-barbel loach Lefua echigonia in a small marsh in the Kako River system, Hyogo Prefecture

Shigeru AOYAMA, Tomohiro TABATA, Toshio DOI, Jinsuke AKADA


Population structure of a riparian tree, Pterocarya rhoifolia on Mt. Rokko, Hyogo Prefecture Daisuke TOCHIMOTO
The ants of residential small public parks in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture Keiji MASUI
A note on responses of juvenile Javan lutungs (Trachypithecus auratus mauritius) against attempted predation by crested goshawks (Accipter trivirgatus) Yamato TSUJI, Hiroyoshi HIGUCHI, Bambang SURYOBROTO
Effective use of dinosaur fossils and geological fieldwork in the elementary school's science of the earth ‒ A trial study teaching benefits and disasters caused by the earth's surface processes ‒ Kiyoaki KISHIMOTO, Hideaki KANDA, Hiroshi SATO
A method of clearance of white hairs from seeds of Imperata cylindrica var. koenigii Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Izumi KIYOHARA, Tamotsu HATTORI
List of food plants and unpalatable plants of sika deer (Cervus nippon) in Japan Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO, Daisuke FUJIKI


Humans and Nature No. 24 2013
Original Articles
Relationship between the soil condition and pine wilt disease on a ridge-shaped slope Seiji KODATE
Permian foraminifers contained in limestone and conglomerate of the Maizuru Group in the Shimo-Yakuno area, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan Fumio KOBAYASHI

Bryophyte species richness investigated by long belt-transects method: A case study in Yakushima Island

Hiroyuki AKIYAMA, Hayato YOKOYAMA, Atsushi TANAKA, Tatsuwo FURUKI, Tomio YAMAGUCHI
Reconsideration on persons with language- and/or communication-disorders from viewpoint of lifelong learning: A review Masazumi MITANI


Habitat and population structure of a rare tree, Prunus pendula f. ascendens on Mt. Kurino-dake, Kagoshima Prefecture Hiroaki ISHIDA, Yoshiki YAGURA, Tomoya SHIOTANI
Report of the Hyogo International Dinosaur Symposium 2013 Kumiko HANDA, Haruo SAEGUSA, Tadahiro IKEDA, Fumio KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi SATO, Shigeaki TAKEDA, Moeko UEDA, Katsuhiko SAKAUE, Shigeki YAO, Miki KOBAYASHI, Keizo NISHIOKA, Hiroshi FURUTANI, Akira TAKAHASHI, Hidetoshi OTA, Isao NAKASE
A list of freshwater algae in Hyogo Prefecture Hiroshi SATO
Morphologic variation of fi ve species of Parafusulina from the Middle Permian Nabeyama Formation in the Kuzu area, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan


Present state of forestation by using the produced seedlings of local plant species in the Amagasaki Forest Central Green Space Chizuru FUJIWARA, Kazuya TAMURA, Hideyuki TSUJI, Hiroaki ISHIDA, Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Atsushi TSUKAHARA, Hiromi MORI, Tamotsu HATTORI



Humans and Nature No. 23 2012
Original Articles
Phytosociological system of the natural lucidophyllous forests in Japan Tamotsu HATTORI, Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Asumo KURODA
Factors affecting occurrence and abundance of the ghost crabs (genus Ocypode) on several sandy beaches in Shinonsen-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, Honshu, Japan Tamotsu HATTORI, Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Asumo KURODA

Reexamination of "ancient ripple mark" designated as a prefectural natural monument, preserved in the Miocene gravel bed in Shimonohama, Kami-cho, Hyogo Prefecture based on facies analysis


Establishment of a stable local population of Great Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo in Hyogo Prefecture



An attempted exhibition-commentary system being understandable to persons with communication-disorders by the DAISY Masazumi MITANI
Effect of sika deer (Cervus nippon) on a Quercus acuta forest on Mt. Yuzuruhasan, Awaji Island Hiroaki ISHIDA, Yoshiaki TAKEDA, Tomoya SHIOTANI, Tamotsu HATTORI
Investigation of measures against hot summer for energy reduction and temperature stabilization in the New SUBARU Experimental building Yoshikazu MIYAHARA, Yoshito TAKAHARA, Shinpei KAMIUE
Records of three bat species captured in Mt. Hyonosen of Ohya-cho, Yabu City, Hyogo Jun KINUGASA, Hirokazu ONUMA, Noriko KAWAKAMI, Shunsuke KAKINOKI
Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous (Kimmeridgian to Barremian) foraminifers of the Southern Jura and Salève Mountains, France Fumio KOBAYASHI, Roland WERNLI
Geochemical characteristics of mafic rocks in the Kunisaki Complex of the Ultra Tamba Terrane, Hyogo Prefecture, Southwest Japan



Humans and Nature No. 22 2011

Original Articles

Measuring biodiversity of trap-nesting wasps and bees in the basin of River Mukogawa for evaluation of the satochi-satoyama habitats Yoshiaki HASHIMOTO, Tomoji ENDO, Hiroshi NISHIMOTO
Effects of habitat heterogeneity on benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in a concrete-lined urban stream Hironobu SASAKI, Takeshi OASAWA, Tomoko KYUKA, Tomoki MAEDA, Yuko ISHIDA, Yohei SHIMIZU, Hiromune MITSUHASHI


Middle Permian(Wordian) foraminifers of the Furen Limestone,Oita Prefecture,Japan Fumio KOBAYASHI
Influence of feeding pressure by Sika deer (Cervus nippon) on the upstream of Mihara River, Hyogo Prefecture Ryou SHIMIZU, Kenji YAMASAKI, Tamotsu HATTORI
Dynamics of Anaphalis margaritacea subsp. yedoensis (Franch. et Savat.) community of 19 years in Maruyamagawa river, Hyogo Prefecture Kayo ASAMI, Hiroji AKAMATSU, Sadayoshi SUGAMURa
Appropriate manner for writing in an universal museum: an attempt to overcome gaps caused from ages, developmental stages, and handicaps, with special reference to communication disabilities Masazumi MITANI

Salvage of the herbarium specimens heavily damaged by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami: a role of the Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo

The seasonal change on switching case material of final larvae of Lepidostoma crassicorne (Trichoptera, Lepidostomatidae) Shozo WATANABE, Hiromune MITSUHASHI
Basic data for taking a field trip of San' in Kaigan Geopark, west Japan around the lower course of Maruyama-gawa Fumio KOBAYASHI, Tohru SAKIYAMA
Endangered species incidentally occurred in the Bio-tope pond of Kirin Brew Park Kobe, Kobe, Japan

Hiroshi SATO, Tetsuo TANAKA, Teruto NAGAYOSHI

Observational records of Heronries in Hyogo Prefecture between 2008 and 2010 Naoko ENDO, Yasuo EZAKI
A list of vascular plants in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture Akira TAKAHASHI



Humans and Nature No. 21 2010
Original Articles
Taxonomic revision of the genus Trismegistia (Pylaisiadelphaceae,Musci).1~58  59~77 Hiroyuki AKIYAMA
Late Paleozoic foraminifers contained in limestone conglomerate of the Maizuru Group in the Oye area,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan. Fumio KOBAYASHI

Correlation between tidal force and occurrence of earthquake


Preliminary report on the age and depositional process of the Fukuchi Peaty Beds in the upper reach of the Fukuchi River in the eastern part of the Chugoku Mountains, western Japan

Shigehiro KAOTOH, Kumiko HANDA, Hiroshi FURUTANI, Akihiko OKUGISHI, Akira TAKAHASHI, Tsuyoshi YAGI
Species composition and species richness of the Persea thunbergii type Lucidophyllous forest Tamotsu HATTORI, Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Koji IWAKIRI, Hiroaki ISHIDA, Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO, Daisuke TOCHIMOTO


Records of Limnotrachelobdella okae (Hirudinida, Piscicolidae) from the coastal sea around Kyushu, Japan Takeo YAMAUCHI, Hiroyuki DOI, Masaaki WADA, Kazuya NAGASAWA
Influence of feeding pressure by Sika deer (Cervus nippon) on the semi-natural Lucidophyllous forest in Keirozan, Tatsuno, Hyogo Prefecture Tamotsu HATTORI, Asumo KURODA, Hitoaki ISHIDA, Noriko MINAMIYAMA
Species composition and species richness of Imperata cylindrica var. koenigii community at the river banks and the coasts in Miyazaki Prefecture Koji IWAKIRI, Tamotsu HATTORI, Noriko MINAMIYAMA
Settlement process of aquatic animal community including endangered cyprinid fish, Hemigrammocypris rasborella (CYPRINIDAE), at the Refuge Bio-tope of Kirin Brew Park Kobe, Kobe, Japan Tetsuo TANAKA, Hiroshi SATO, Teruto NAGAYOSHI, Takuya TANIMOTO
New attempt in restoration to create habitat of the firefly larva (Luciola cruciata) and the marsh snail (Semisulcospira libertine) using spur dike in concrete river - construction method and its advantage - Tomoko KYUKA, Yohei SHIMIZU, Takeshi OSAWA, Yuko ISHIDA, Hironobu SASAKI, Yuta INAMOTO, Hiromune MITSUHASHI
Compsopogon coeruleus (Rhodophyta) in the Yasumuro River, Kamigori, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Hiroshi SATO, Nobuyoshi SUGINO, Masayuki NAGANO, Tadashi YOKOYAMA
Hydrogeographic environment of the Maruyama-gawa River System and subsurface geology of the Toyooka Basin, Hyogo, Japan from an educational viewpoint for protection against disaster


Distribution of amphibians in Sanda City, Hyogo prefecture, western Japan

Takuya TANIMOTO, Kaoru EMA

Present state of Celtis jessoensis population living in Rokko Mountains


A new locality and its habitat of Potentilla centigrana in Hyogo Prefecture

Kazuya TAMURA, Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO, Tamotsu HATTORI


Humans and Nature No. 20 2009
Original Articles
Species composition and species richness of the lucidophyllous forest on Yakushima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture Tamotsu HATTORI, Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Hiroaki ISHIDA, Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO


Taxonomical studies of mosses of Seram and Ambon (Moluccas, East Malesia) collected by Indonesian-Japanese Botanical Expeditions, X. Bartramiaceae, Brachytheciaceae, Bryaceae, Ditrichaceae, Erpodiaceae, Hylocomiaceae, Hypnaceae (a part), Mniaceae, Orthotrichaceae, Regmatodontaceae, and Splachnaceae with corrections/additions to the previous reports Hiroyuki AKIYAMA
Early Permian fusulines from the western part of Mt. Ryozen, Shiga Prefecture, Japan Fumio KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi FURUTANI
Natural habitat and present status of Machaerina rubiginosa in Hyogo Prefecture Nobuaki WADA, Takahiko OSHIBE
Seed germination traits of a threatened plant, Fimbristylis longispica Steud. Asumo KURODA, Noriko MINAMIYAMA, Tamotsu HATTORI
The pupal period of the firefly, Luciola cruciata (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) is decided depending on the weight of the climbing larva and temperature Setsuo MORIYA, Takeo YAMAUCHI, Nobukazu NAKAGOSHI

Morphological change of florets in the flowering period in Cirsium japonicum Fisch. ex DC. (Compositae) -comparison between female and hermaphrodite florets-

Mutsuko AZUKI, Shizuka FUSE, Akira TAKAHASHI
Change after 16 years of artificial Imperata cylindrica var. koenigii grassland and possibility of creating the grassland Hiroji AKAMATSU, Kayo ASAMI, Kazuya TAMURA, Satoshi FUKUI, Tamotsu HATTORI
A faunistic study of the dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) from Oki Islands off western Honshu, Japan Takashi SHIMADA, Hisashi KADOWAKI, Takeo YAMAUCHI
Species composition of Imperata cylindrica var. koenigii community as coastal vegetation on Ishikari coast, Hokkaido Yoshihiro SAWADA, Tamotsu HATTORI, Yoshinobu HASHIMOTO, Noriko MINAMIYAMA
Plant species list from the Pananjung Pangandaran Nature Reserve, west Java, Indonesia, sampled in the El Niño-Southern Oscillation year of 1997 Masazumi MITANI, Kunio WATANABE, Kunkun J. GURMAYA, Erri N. MEGANTARA, Asep R. PURNAMA, Yan Sofian SYARIEF
Flora of Tenjin Park in Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture Toshio FUJII
Gametophyte occurrence of the freshwater red alga Thorea okadae (Thoreales, Rhodophyta) in the Seki River, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan Hiroshi SATO, Nobuyoshi SUGINO, Shoji MIYATA
Field surveys and cage experiments of invading species, tropical butterfly Chilades pandava, of Nishinomiya and Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture Hiroshi HOUSAI
Vascular plants of Hyogo Prefecture 11 Nobuyuki FUKUOKA, Nobuhira KUROSAKI, Akira TAKAHASHI (eds.)

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