* Humans and Nature
This journal is devoted to enhancement of discussion and dissemination of fundamental knowledge on science itself and human-science interactions. It was founded in 1992, and has been published annually since then. Each issue contains original research articles, reports, short notes, and/or reviews written in English or in Japanese.
Another scientific periodical of ours, entitled "Nature and Human Activities", founded in 1996 as an entirely English series, was ceased after publication of No. 12 in 2007. English manuscripts formerly handled for this series have been considered for "Humans and Nature" since then.

*Other Publications

* Humans and Nature - 61 episodes 2002. 199 pages. (book, in Japanese)
* Rokko san (Mt. Rokko) 2001. 147 pages. (in Japanese)
* Exhibition Guide book 1996. 87 pages. (in Japanese with English abstract)

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