Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo


The Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo (HITOHAKU, an abbreviation in Japanese) was opened on October 10th, 1992. Since then, this museum has been aimed to help citizens of Hyogo prefecture, as well as those from other regions, appreciate the beauty and dignity of nature around us. Here visitors can enjoy unique exhibits and educational programs about nature and human life.


Staff of The Museum consists of two groups, of which one accommodates researchers and office workers belonging to the Board of Education, Hyogo Prefectural Government. The other group encompasses faculty members (i.e., professors and instructors) belonging to The Section of Nature and Environment, Institute of Natural and Environmental Sciences, University of Hyogo (UH), which is also housed in The Museum building. While engaging themselves to researches of their own themes and education of students in The Graduate School of Human Science and Environment (UH), they are also involved in various activities of The Museum as its joint-appointment staff in close cooperation with the above-mentioned full-time staff of The Museum.


The museum supports interdisciplinary researches on various aspects of nature and human-inhabited environment.


The museum houses extensive collections of geological and biological specimens, as well as photographs, prints, and recordings. Our herbarium (HYO) is listed in Index Herbariorum.

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